ZedCloudMedia Celebrating Zambias 55th Independence.

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Happy Independence Day to Zambia!!! Happy Independence Day to Zambia!!!

Zambia, a Country in the Sourthen Part of Africa Formerly Colonialised by Britain (Asian Colonialists led under the British South African Company, BSAC by John Cecil Rhodes in the late 1960s.)

Today ( the 24th October, 2019, Thursday) makes a forever rememberable day in history. Zambia is Celebrating its 55th Independence day Since 24th October 1964 on Saturday when its freedom fighters made groups and federations to fight against the whites who held it captioned and grabbed all primary and secondary human rights.

Zambians suffered helplessly, not untill when this precious day came when it finally got its chance to celebrate its mother land.

ZedCloudMedia and The Team, one of the Entertaiment and News Zambian Blogs wishes Zambia A Prosperous Day and forever days to come, A balanced Economy, Good Leadership, well to do education Institutions, Advanced Information and Technology, Good Agriculture and Manufacturing Industries.

Above all, we wish Zambia peace and Harmony in all sectors. We Love Zambia, Our Mother Land. One Zambia One Nation.

Albert Kalenga Kayindama – (Editor).


I am Albert Kalenga Kayindama (Dj Kels Miles ) C.E.O & Founder of and Trinity Studios Zambia. A Young Zambian Music Producer, Artist and Promoter, Website and Graphic Designer and a Computer Science Student.

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