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Mr. Real Beats [Obert Tembo] - Biography - Zedcloudmedia

Mr. Real Beats [Obert Tembo] – Biography

Meet Mr. Real Beats [Obert Tembo], A Dancehall Artist/ Music Producer based in Zambia. Mr. Real Beats is well known for His Great Hit Song Titled “Body Language” l known for her great deals in terms of Music. Mr. Real Beats is not just an Dancehall Artist and A music Producer But He also Promotes Music He produces around the country.

Brief Data -:

Based : Zambia,Lusaka.

D.O.B : on 27th February, 1992

Occupation : Music Promoter/ Dancehall Artist/ Music Producer

Label : One Touch Music

Interest : To Put the Zambian Music on the Map.



Albert Kalenga Kayindama (Dj Kels Miles ) C.E.O & Founder of Zedcloudmedia.com and Trinity Studios Zambia. Young Zambian Music Producer and Promoter, Website and Graphic Designer.

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